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About Brownstone

About Us

BrownStone Physical Therapy is an outpatient, private-practice, physical therapy office with locations in Macedon, Newark, and Canandaigua, NY. Founded in 1994 by Clarke Brown, BrownStone has become an integral part of the Rochester area system of health care. We have served our local communities and patients with unmatched care and kindness since our doors opened in 1996. We welcome your questions, comments, and invite you to use this site as a source of medical information and help. All patients at BrownStone receive personal care from DPTs (Doctors of Physical Therapy), which may not happen at other physical therapy offices.

Our mission is to assist in the care and prevention of orthopedic and musculoskeletal injuries, athletic and non-athletic alike. With the latest research as our guide, we use current rehabilitation techniques and state-of-the-art medical equipment to restore and maximize function. Our strongest asset is our staff that is comprised of some of the most highly credentialed professional physical therapists in the area. 

What to expect on your first visit to BrownStone:

  • Your initial evaluation may last up to an hour and a half.

  • Wear comfortable clothing or bring them with you to change into, so we can access the area in need of treatment.

  • You may bring your kids. Just let us know ahead of time.

  • Family members can stay and watch the entire evaluation and treatment if they wish.

  • The clinic can sometimes become very busy and fun, like your house during holiday family celebrations.

  • We encourage a nurturing and interactive environment where you can fully recover your functional needs.

  • If you have special requirements, call us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

  • You may need to fill out paperwork if necessary.

Why get physical therapy at BrownStone?

  • You can see a physical therapist without a prescription from a Physician.

  • Physical therapists will provide you with a diagnosis for your condition.

  • Physical therapists are the experts in exercise prescription.

  • Physical therapists perform spinal manipulation.

  • Physical therapists can help companies reduce worker's compensation claims.

  • You can see a physical therapist to stay well, enhance performance, maintain independence, and prevent injury.

  • Physical therapy actually prevents falls!

  • Our physical therapists treat patients of ALL AGES for low back/neck pain, headache, sprains/strains, knee pain, shoulder pain, post-surgical rehab, tendonitis, tennis/golfer's elbow, foot pain, ankle sprains, weight loss, exercise programs, stroke, MS, Parkinson's, balance problems, etc.

  • Part of the BrownStone difference is providing our patients with the ability to see Doctors of Physical Therapy during every visit.

  • We are personally invested in your recovery.

Call us today at the following numbers: 

MACEDON (315)986-4655 | NEWARK (315)331-3784 I CANANDAIGUA (585)412-6391